Covid-19 Update 10 April 2021 – Offices open to the public subject to access by prior arrangement.

Covid-19 Update 10 April 2021 – Offices open to the public subject to access by prior arrangement. Safe Exit Framework - Level 1 measures that continue to permit sale and rental viewings, valuations and rental inspections.

Safe Exit Framework - Level 1 measures that continue to permit sale and rental viewings, valuations and rental inspections.

In line with the Government of Jersey’s latest instructions on the control of Covid-19, as issued on 09th April 2021 and our Covid-19 Risk Assessment, our office is open to the public subject to following the Government guidelines. A proportion of our team will continue to working remotely but each normal working day at least one team member will be working on essential issues within the building and access can be arranged by phoning the office on 880544.If you need to deliver documents out of normal hours, please use the letter box within our yellow front door at our 3 Bond Street offices. This caged letter box will be checked regularly.

We continue to be able to organise a response to essential maintenance issues, subject to following the latest government guidelines which include maintaining a minimum of 2m physical distancing from those not in the same household wherever possible otherwise not less than 1m. We are also able to offer our full service progressing sales through to completion.

Within the latest business restrictions the Government’s latest Level 1 policy permits us to conduct property viewings, valuations and rental inspections, subject to following the Government’s strict guidelines as detailed below. Once a viewing has been scheduled, applicants, owners and any current occupants will be sent details of the protocols to be followed. Each individual will be required to acknowledge by e-mail that they have read and understood our terms before the viewing goes ahead.

Prior to visiting the property:

• The prospective customer must pre-register with the business providing all contact details.

• All relevant parties (agent, property owner, property occupier, purchaser, surveyor etc.) should provide a declaration to the business that they are not showing any symptoms of COVID-19.

• The property visit cannot be carried out if any property occupier is isolating either because they have COVID-19, are symptomatic, or are shielding because they are severely vulnerable to COVID-19. The business is responsible for confirming this prior to the property visit.

• All property visits should be carried out at an appointed time by contacts from outside their household in line with the Government of Jersey guidance.

• Viewings should be undertaken at an empty property wherever possible. Where this is not possible the viewing should coincide with the usual occupant’s permitted time outside the house in line with the Government of Jersey guidance.

• The property owner is responsible for cleaning the premises before the visit – as a minimum this must include the cleaning of surfaces that are regularly touched, and those which the negotiator/property manager will have to touch, such as door handles and light switches.

• The property owner should open all appropriate doors and cupboards prior to the viewing.

• Paper copies of the property details should not be supplied to potential purchasers.

During the property visit

All necessary precautions should be taken during the viewing including:

• Maintaining a minimum physical distance of 2 metres with those outside your household wherever possible otherwise not less than 1m at all times.

• Sanitising hands on arrival and departure, with the business responsible for providing hand sanitiser at the entrance to the property.

• Customers should be advised not to touch anything.

• The negotiator/property manager should wear gloves and try to ensure that only they touch surfaces, including door handles and light switches.

• The negotiator/property manager should clean anything that it has been necessary to touch with disinfectant wipes as they move around the property.

• Viewings should be no more than 20 – 30 minutes

• Wearing of cloth face masks is mandatory.

• Any discussion between the business representative and the potential clients should take place outside wherever possible

It is the responsibility of the business to ensure that their customers are made aware of the above conditions and that they adhere to them.

If it is not possible to adhere to the above conditions, then the property visit should not go ahead.

Open viewings and back to back viewings

• Open viewings can now take place but the total number of attendees over the duration of the open viewing (including both staff and clients) should be managed. Prior to the open viewing the business should assess how many people could safely enter the property at any one time while adhering to the physical distancing requirement, and should look to stagger entry to the property and operate a 'one in one out' policy once this limit has been reached. This also includes making sure that the viewing does not attract a gathering

• Back-to-back viewings are now permitted but businesses must have processes in place to ensure that physical distancing between members of different households is adhered to.

Removal and relocation services

To support Islanders who absolutely need to move home, essential removals and relocation is designated as ‘essential work’ and workers providing these services can travel outside the home for this purpose. Businesses providing removals or relocation services must implement strict physical distancing. Employees should remain two metres from each other and from customers at all times. This includes during travel. Businesses should also ensure rigorous hygiene.

How best to contact us during the current Covid-19 crisis.

If you need to contact us please use e-mail as much as possible.

If you wish to speak to us please call us on:

David Voak, Director on 07797725621

Mark Sinden, Lettings Property Manager on 07797 759312

Donald Meiklejohn, Sales Negotiator on 07797 753413

We look forward to being able to assist you with all your property needs and thank you for your continued support.

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