Property Management

Property management lies at the core of our business at Moore Properties Limited with a reputation for efficient, professional service that has been built up over many years.

We place great emphasis on establishing a relationship of trust between landlord and agent, so that you can be sure we will act fairly with tenants but always with your best interests in mind.

Our aim is for you to achieve the best possible return on your asset whilst protecting its long term value. That means taking into consideration not only the rent but also the quality of tenant and continuity of tenancy.

Renting your property

Without obligation we will undertake an initial assessment of your property with advice from our experienced managers on how to achieve the best rental terms.

Letting and management service

Our standard annual fee paid by the landlord for letting and managing single residential units would typically be between 7.5% and 10% of the annual rental income and we provide written confirmation of the terms under which we would act. In subsequent years assuming the same tenant remains in place and you wish us to continue managing the tenancy, we charge an annual fee typically between 7.5% and 10% of the gross annual rental income. Fees negotiable for multiple units.

What services do we provide for this annual fee?

Letting only service

Our letting only service is the same as our full management service up to the point of handover but excludes any ongoing management during the lease period and overseeing of the hand-back. Our standard fee paid by the landlord is 7.5% of the first year's gross rental income, charged as a one-off fee payable at the start of the tenancy.

Tenant charges Our services are paid for by the landlord and no charges are required to be paid by the tenant.

Referral fees We are able to confirm that neither Moore Properties Limited nor Moore Properties (Sales) Limited have any referral arrangements in place whereby we would be incentivised or rewarded in any way for referring business to third parties, such as conveyancers, surveyors or financial advisors.

This is a summary of our services and we would be pleased to discuss any aspect in more detail.

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